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The secret to amazing, authentic, spicy Indian food is a wide variety of flavors that don’t have any similarities. At Mango Rain, an Indian restaurant in Mississauga, ON, our chefs have spent years mastering the technique of creating truly unique Indian plates for our customers. You will find everything on our menu is a true reflection of Indian cuisine. Dining with us will be an experience like no other.

Our flavors come from our very own unique combination of common Indian spices. Curry is one of the most common and delightful contributions to a genuinely authentic Indian dish. A delightful blend of cumin, coriander, turmeric, pepper, mustard, ginger, clove, cardamom, bay leaf, and fenugreek, curry is guaranteed to awaken all of your senses. The warm aroma of curry floating through our restaurant brings an element of ambiance to the dining room.

When you choose Indian cuisine as a dinner option, it’s truly an experience, not just a meal. That’s why each and every dish is prepared fresh in our kitchen by our talented and experienced team of chefs. We use only the freshest meats and vegetables in all of our selections. No matter which entrée you select, your dinner will be full of only the finest ingredients. It will be a sweet and savory experience that you will remember for a long time.

Our specialty is chicken Tikka. We marinate our premium white meat chicken in our very own unique blend of spices and yogurt to make it exceptionally tender and bake it in our tandoor ovens. Our chicken Tikka is fresh and made to order with the very finest in ingredients every time.

For a truly remarkable Indian lunch or Indian dinner, Mango Rain is sure to delight. Visit us today to explore all of our delectable options.

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